the gal behind the camera

A lot of “About Me’s” pages share how they wanted to be a _________ since they were young. That’s definitely not my story. I had no idea that I wanted to be a photographer until I became one. In fact, I first wanted to be a veterinarian. Then I studied to be an accountant & actually enjoyed it!  But after a college volleyball career & a number of coaching jobs, I realized that I LOVED teaching & LOVED little people!  So... I made one more change & ended my university experience in elementary education.

As crazy as it seems, all of those roads have lead me here & I couldn't be more happy & fulfilled with my life.  Being a photographer is without a doubt, the  creative piece of my heart & soul.

I LOVE capturing beautiful photos for my RTP family, but I also know that the pictures on their own are not my true purpose in life.  Connecting with people,  serving them with a God given talent, & giving them a gift that lasts until the end of time.   THAT is my true purpose & I am so excited to share that with all of you!